Our Story

Bunny Chow Down began with us - Scott and Tracy, an Australian and South African, respectively. We met in the United Kingdom (UK) while travelling around the world. We stayed in the UK for 25 years and managed restaurants in and around the London area. Our love for travel and exploring new flavours, our belief in natural food and our passion for spice led us to where we are today.

We often get asked, "where does the name Bunny Chow Down come from?". It came from the beginnings of our business when we started making and selling Bunny Chows in markets in Brighton and London in the UK.

The next question to follow is usually (if you are not South African), "what is a Bunny Chow?". It's a South African street food originating from the Indian community in Durban during the apartheid period. The dish consists of a hollowed half a loaf of white bread (tastes better) that's filled with a Durban curry (similar to a Vindaloo) and served with sambals - carrot salad, chopped red onion and chutney.

We took the Bunny Chow concept and transformed it into a gourmet offering. The idea was to attract a massive population of curry-lovers in the UK by providing them with curries they were familiar with and loved eating. So we offered various curries (Vindaloo, Korma, Madras) and paired each with a handmade chutney to enhance the taste. The Bunny Chow gained a lot of traction, and the business flourished.

In 2013 we relocated to Australia and decided to introduce this gourmet food concept to Aussies. We started Bunny Chow Down in 2014 and started selling the Bunny Chow and a range of spicy chutneys and chilli jams in markets in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast.

The chutney and jam sales grew exponentially, and a separate business started developing with these products alone. We were a one-person business at this stage—Scott decided to pause (it will be re-birthed) the Bunny Chow side of the company and expand the condiments as they had gained so much traction.

Fast forward to today........ the range now consists of 52 products and nine categories (jam, chutney, seasoning, glaze, pickle, salsa, marmalade, relish and chips). We are in retailers across Australia, and the products have been recognised and awarded by serval Australian officiators (41 awards for 18 products).

Our brand ethos is "Everything Tastes Better", this is true to who we are as people and what we stand for as a company. We are committed to creating condiments and preserves infused with spice or chilli that enhances the taste of food.